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When it comes to a leaking shower a lot of people try to tackle a moen shower faucet repair by themselves and end up with a mess. However, with a little help, some patience and these video's I do believe you can save yourself a couple hundred bucks by keeping the plumber at home instead of your house.

Tools needed for a moen shower faucet repair:  1/2" wire brush, plyers, screwdriver, vice grips, vinegar, plumbers grease and brass craft tool.  You will need to have a replacement moen cartridge and the first place I would look is at your local plumbing store.  I trust their parts more than Home Depot even if they tell me they have the same parts.  One thing I hate is leaks, parts that are missing and people who don't know what they are talking about.  That's what usually happens at local Home Depots because they hire kids who have no clue what a wrench is, let alone knowledge in plumbing.

The video below will show you how to use all the tools listed above.  PLEASE remember to turn off the main water valve before you attack this repair.

Moen shower faucet repair.



From time to time homeowners are faced with a major problem and that is a stuck shower faucet cartridge. The video below will show you exactly what you will need to help you pull out the old cartridge without damaging your main valve.



Moen shower faucets:  follow the advice we gave you for moen faucets on Moen Faucet Repair.  We had to replace our home due to a fire and we were able to knock out our plumbing shopping in one weekend after visiting local shops and searching the internet.  One of our other concerns was shipping and handling costs.  We were able to find a site that offered free shipping.  It was a special at that time (March) and not sure they offer it anymore.


Moen Shower Faucet Repair



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